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Nursing Care Plans For Glaucoma

Glaucoma eye disease is marked by the eyeball pressure increased, ekskavasi and atropi papil optic nerve damage and a unique perspective field .

Intra okuli Pressure maintained through balance of production and disposal akuos humor. Intraokuli due to the increased pressure because of increased production or disposal of obstacles akuos humor. A high pressure intraokuli next pressing the flow of blood to the retina and optic nerve and causing iskemia dead. Damage usually begins from the network and perifer move towards fovea sentralis. If not treated immediately glaucoma ended with blindness

The latest theory explains the occurrence of damage to nerve cells in the retina caused by the high level of Glutamate amino acids that are found increased in patients glaucoma. This substance serves to stimulate nerve cells send signals to the brain. On the toksik degree this substances causing overstimulate and cellular damage.

Risk Factors for Glaucoma
• Family history of glaucoma
• African American race
• Older age
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease
• Migraine syndromes
• Nearsightedness (myopia)
• Eye trauma
• Prolonged use of topical or systemic corticosteroids

Classification regardless of cause, changes in the developing glucose can be viewed clearly through the classification as follows:
initiating events
Structural alteration in the aqueos outflow sistem
Functional alteration
Optic nerve damage
visual loss

Physical Examination Nursing Care Plans For Glaucoma

At the closed-angle Glaucoma be very Visus decline, red eyes, hiperemi conjunctiva and silier. With a bright flashlight will appear COA shallow, wide oval pupil and no reflect against the light, with the tonometer Schiotz TIO very high (up to 45 - 75 mmHg). With gonioskopi visible corner of the eye is closed.

At the open-angle Glaucoma obtained visus central well (except the stadium-up). No hiperemi konjungtiva and silier. Cornea clear, in the COA, normal pupil. On examination tonometri TIO 21 mmHg, Lapang perspective found in the early stages skotoma local superior, while the stadium go skotoma wide, narrow field perspective. With the examination room corner gonioskopi appear before the eyes open

DISCHARGE GOALS Nursing Care Plans For Glaucoma
  • maintain the level of vision at the highest level
  • Patients coping with the situation in a positive way.
  • prevention of complications
  • patients understand the disease process / prognosis and Therapeutic regimen understood.
  • fulfillment plan after returning from the hospital.

Nursing Management Nursing Care Plans For Glaucoma
  • Teaching patients about glaucoma care
  • Continuing glaucoma care at home
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