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Hypertension Definition:
Conceptual Definition about Hypertension, There Is clinical evidence shows a continuous relationship between blood pressure level and cardiovascular risk, the definition of hypertension still remains largely arbitrary. Many have attempted to numerically define this quantitative threshold, the real threshold level for hypertension is flexible, depending in large part on the total cardiovascular risk profile of an individual subject.

Operational Definition, Identify hypertension individuals are a systolic blood pressure of more than 140 mmHg or a diastolic blood pressure of  more than 90 mmHg.

Classification of Hypertension
Classification of Hypertension According to Disease Evolution:
1. Malignant Hypertension
2. Benign Hypertension

Classification of Hypertension According to Blood Pressure Levels:
1. Normality of 24 h Ambulatory Blood Pressure Values
2. Normality of Home Blood Pressure Values
Definitions and classification of blood pressure levels
Optimal                                              Systolic less 120           Diastolic less than 80
Normal                                               Systolic 120–129         Diastolic 80–84
High normal                                        Systolic 130–139          Diastolic 85–89
Grade 1 hypertension (mild)                Systolic 140–159          Diastolic 90–99
Grade 2 hypertension (moderate)        Systolic 160–179          Diastolic 100–109
Grade 3 hypertension (severe)            Systolic more 180          Diastolic more than 110
Isolated systolic hypertension              Systolic more than 140  Diastolic less 90

Classification According to Etiology of Hypertension
90–95% of hypertension cases, the etiological factors that are responsible for the blood pressure increase remain unknown. Secondary forms of hypertension are relatively rare diseases; their prevalence amounts to 5–10% of all cases of hypertension

Classification of Hypertension According to Global Cardiovascular Risk Profile

Assessment of  Hypertension
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