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Baltimore Mesothelioma Lawyer

Baltimore has an extended history of asbestos in an expansion of job industries. In the mid Nineteen Seventies, right earlier than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) placed policies on the usage of asbestos, process web sites started out growing its use, despite the fact that medical warnings have been issued. The most outstanding agencies that relied heavily on asbestos in Baltimore were manufacturing flora, shipyards, creation, paper turbines, and steel businesses.

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The Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard

Located in downtown Baltimore, Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard was used to repair a variety of deliver vessels up until the Nineties. The maximum busy time for the backyard, but, changed into at some stage in the World I and War II technology, when close to three,000 people worked at an expansion of jobs and operations. As with maximum shipyards throughout that vicinity, the Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard used massive quantities of asbestos in construction and merchandise, exposing these employees to its dangerous fibers for long intervals.

Titan Steel Corporation

Titan Steel Corporation was one of the many metallic businesses that relied closely on asbestos previous to the early Nineteen Eighties. Titan Steel Corporation became one in all the biggest distributors of steel and tin internationally in the course of its peak. As a result, a high quantity of employees have been continuously uncovered to asbestos. Today, there are nevertheless former metallic people being recognized with mesothelioma at a rapid price.

Key Highway Shipyard

As with multitudes of different shipyards previous to the EPA asbestos guidelines, Key Highway Shipyard used asbestos in elements, buildings, and device, for this reason putting employees at danger on a day by day foundation for more than a decade. Key Highway Shipyard employees typically protected those who repaired and manufactured deliver components. During each World War I and World War II, the shipyard repaired greater than 1,000 naval ships. Around eleven,000 people labored at the Key Highway Shipyard, and almost every employee faced the hazard of asbestos publicity.

The shipyard closed in 1982, however shortly after, in 1988, numerous former personnel filed an asbestos-associated lawsuit against Raymark Industries, the manufacturer that furnished elements to Key Highway Shipyard. Many former workers had already advanced ailments together with mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Other Job Sites Associated with Asbestos Use in Baltimore
Along with metallic businesses and oil organizations, many schools and hospitals have been built at some point of a term wherein asbestos become heavily used. Many of these facilities are nevertheless in operation nowadays and should adhere to federal and state recommendations with the intention to promote public protection.


Seton Keough High School
Arundel Elementary School
Belmont Elementary School
Calverton Middle School
Cardinal Gibbons School
Deep Creek Middle School
Dunbar High School
Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Edmondson High School
Forest Park High School
Greenspring High School
Hilton Elementary School
Howard High School
Raven High School
Lombard Middle School
Middle River High School
Northwestern Senior High School
Parkville High School
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
Saint Michael’s School
Sussex Elementary School
Walbrook High School
Western High School
Allegheny Community College

Oil Companies

American Oil Company
Baltimore United Oil Company
Caso Standard Oil Company
Continental Oil Company
Esso Standard Oil Company
Gulf Oil Company
Humble Oil Company
Hess Oil Company
Standard Oil Refinery

Steel Companies

Armco Steel Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Mill
Eastern Stainless Steel Corporation
Scullin Steel Company
Sparrow Points Steel Mill


Baltimore City Hospital
Bon Secours Hospital
Franklin Square Hospital
Good Samaritan Hospital
Harbor Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Montebello State Hospital
Mount Sinai Hospital
Saint Agnes Hospital
Spring Grove Hospital
Union Memorial Hospital

Bethlehem Steel Company Lawsuit

In 1992, the own family of  former Bethlehem Steel Company employees had been provided $three.Eight million in damages. Both employees passed faraway from mesothelioma after running long hours on the steel business enterprise, where they ingested massive amounts of asbestos. Eagle-Picher Industries Inc., Pittsburgh Corning Corp., and Owens-Illinois Inc. Had been all discovered at fault by way of the Baltimore City Court. All 3 agencies had been answerable for the manufacturing of asbestos-containing elements that were used on the metallic corporation.

Asbestos-Related Statistics in Baltimore

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Baltimore County, Maryland has a number of the best variety of asbestos-associated deaths. In reality, it ranks in the top 20 of over 2,000 counties which have mentioned deaths because of mesothelioma and different diseases because of prolonged asbestos publicity. Over 1,three hundred asbestos-associated deaths were stated inside the nation of Maryland from 1979 to 2001. Over 350 of those deaths passed off in Baltimore.

Medical Help in Baltimore

There are numerous physicians in Baltimore and inside the environment vicinity of Baltimore that offer comprehensive cancer treatment, inclusive of the following:
Dr. Arthur N. Mcnu, Jr: 2041 Georgia Avenue, Washington, D.C., 20060
Dr. Petr Hausner: University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center, 22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
Dr. Stephen C. Yang: Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, six hundred N. Wolfe Street Blalock 240, Baltimore, MD 21287
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