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Nursing Care Plan for Abortion

In nursing care plan for abortion definitions for Abortion is: Spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, or induced abortions, the products of conception are expelled from the uterus before fetal viability and gestation of less than 20 weeks is achieved.
Causes for Abortion
It’s May result from fetal, placental, or maternal factors:
  • Fetal factors usually include defective embryologic development resulting from abnormal chromosome division (the most common cause of fetal death), faulty implantation of fertilized ovum, and failure of the endometrium to accept the fertilized ovum, usually cause such abortions between 9 and 12 weeks of gestation
  • Placental factors usually include premature separation of the normally implanted placenta, abnormal placental implantation, and abnormal platelet function. Usually cause abortion around the 14th week of gestation.
  • Maternal factors usually include maternal infection, severe malnutrition, and abnormalities of the reproductive organs. usually cause abortion between 11 and 19 weeks of gestation
Other maternal factors include endocrine problems, such as thyroid gland dysfunction or lowered estriol secretion, trauma, including any type of surgery that necessitates manipulation of the pelvic organs, blood  group incompatibility and Rh isoimmunization, and recreational drug use and environmental toxins.
Therapeutic abortion is performed to preserve the mother's mental or physical health in cases of unplanned pregnancy, or medical conditions, such as cardiac dysfunction or fetal abnormality.

Complications that may happen in Nursing Care Plan for Abortion
  • Infections in case of the products of conception aren't completely expelled
  • Hemorrhage
  • Anemia
  • Coagulation defects such as disseminated intravascular coagulation

Assessment Nursing Care Plan for Abortion
  • Pink discharge for several days or a scant brown discharge for several weeks
  • Cramps and increased vaginal bleeding
  • If any contents remain, cramps and bleeding continue.
Assess the patient’s emotional status, as well as that of the baby’s father and other family members. Often this hospital admission is the first one for the patient, and it may cause anxiety and fear

Diagnostic tests Nursing Care Plan for Abortion
  • HCG in the blood or urine confirms
  • Decreased HCG level
  • Laboratory test results reflect a decreased hemoglobin level
  • Ultrasound examination; absence of fetal heart sounds

Nursing diagnosis
Primary Nursing Diagnosis found in Nursing Care Plan for Abortion
Anticipatory grieving related to an unexpected pregnancy outcome
Common nursing diagnosis found in Nursing Care Plan for Abortion
  • Anxiety
  • Disabled family coping
  • Dysfunctional grieving
  • Hopelessness
  • Powerlessness
  • Risk for infection
Nursing outcomes, Interventions, and Patient teaching Nursing Care Plan for Abortion
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